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Purpose - The purpose of rule 1110.2 is to reduce Oxides
of                 Nitrogen (NOx), Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs),
and                 Carbon Monoxide (CO) from engines.
Applicability - All stationary and portable engines over 50
rated              brake horsepower (bhp) are subject to this rule. This
also                  includes requirements for portable engines that are
not                      registered under the State portable engine
registration                       program.

Procedures for at least weekly or every 150 engine operating
hours, whichever occurs later, emissions checks by a portable
NOx, CO and oxygen analyzer. If an engine is in compliance for
three consecutive emission checks, without any adjustments to
the oxygen sensor set points, then the engine may be checked
monthly or every 750 engine operating hours, whichever occurs
later, until there is a noncompliant emission check or the oxygen
sensor is replaced. No engine or control system maintenance or
turning may be conducted within 72 hours of the emission check,
unless it is an unscheduled, required repair. The portable analyzer
shall be calibrated, maintained and operated in accordance with
the manufacturer's specifications and recommendations and the
Protocol for the Periodic Monitoring of Nitrogen Oxides, Carbon
Monoxide, and Oxygen from sources subject to
South Coast Air
Quality Management District Rule 1110.2,
or subsequent protocol
approved by EPA and the Executive officer.

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Bay Area Air Quality Management District has recently revised
--Staff has drafted proposed amendments that would change the
current rule in three primary ways. First, the emission limits Rule
9-8 would be expanded to apply to IC engines in the range of 50 to
250 bhp. Currently, emission limits of the rule apply only to
engines of 250 bhp or more. Second, the amendments propose to
include liquid-fueled engines, such as diesel-fired engines. The
emission limits of the rule currently only apply to gaseous-fueled
engines, which are primarily natural gas- and LPG-fueled engines.
Finally, the NOx emissions limits would be reduced to reflect the
most stringent limits in the State. --
Excerpted from BAAQMD Workshop Report January 2007 Pg. 19
section V.

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General Air Rules
Bay Area AQMD
Bay Area AQMD
EAG is prepared for the upcoming rules and regulations being
implemented by the EPA, APCD. That is why our company has
never failed to certify proven CEMS applications. Our analyzers are
the latest of a series designed to meet and or exceed local
regulatory requirements.
  • Rule 4305 Has phased out
  • Rule 4306 - for boilers and heaters and has limits as loq as 5
    ppm NOx, holds self-testing rules for units
  • Rule 4702 - for engines and requires many units to meet 25
    ppm NOx, holds self-testing rules for units, expanded to non
    permitted sources such as agric
  • Rule 4206- large boiler and heaters testing
  • Rule 4308 and 4307 - heater rule, testing
Santa Barbara CAPCD
Rule 360: Emissions of Oxides of Nitrogen from Large Water
Heaters and Small Boilers
Applicability: Rule 360 applies to any person who on or after
10/17/03, supplies, sells, offers for sale, installs, or solicits the
installation of any new water heater, boiler, system generator or
process heater for the use within the district with a rated heat input
capacity greater than or equal to 75,000 British thermal units per
hour up to and including 2,000,000 British Thermal units per hour.
To see if you apply to this rule, call us or contact you local apcd
web address
or to see the full rule go to web address
Ventura CAPCD
Rule 74.11.1 - Large Water Heaters and Small Boilers
Applicability: The provisions of this rule shall apply to any person
selling, offering for sale, or installing a new water heater, boiler,
steam generator or process heater with a rated heat input capacity
greater than 75,000 BTU/hr and less than or equal to 2,000,000
BTu/hr in Ventura County

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San Joaquin APCD
San Joaquin APCD
Santa Barbara APCD
Santa Barbara APCD
South Coast AQMD
South Coast AQMD
Ventura County APCD
Ventura County APCD
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