The LANCOM range of portable flue gas analyzers feature a full choice of sample
probes suitable for a wide range of applications.

Standard Sample Probe
Suitable for most applications where the flue gas temperature is below 600 °C / 1112 °F.
High Temperature Sample Probe
Suitable for applications where the sample gas temperature is between 600 °C and 1400
°C / 1112 °F and 2552 °F.
Smoke Probe
For measuring smoke density simultaneously with flue gas analysis.
Flow Probe
For measuring the sample gas flow rate, and calculating mass emissions levels.
DrySampler™ Probe
A revolutionary design to dry the flue gas at the sample point. Patent pending.

All Lancom Sample Probes Feature:
  • Selection of probe length options
  • Range of flexible hose lengths
  • Integral flue gas temperature thermocouple (except HT probe)
  • Standard replaceable particulate filter (Standard and DrySampler™ probes only)

Environmental Alliance Group also offers an Extension Probe to help you sample gas
from high stacks.
Standard Sample Probe
High quality probe with a sintered, replaceable filter
tip, and an adjustable collar to control insertion length.
High Temperature (HT) Sample Probe
Specifically designed for use in high temperature gas
  • Suitable for flue gas temperatures up to 1400°
    C / 2552 °F
    (higher temperatures available upon request)
  • Unique handle designed to dissipate heat
  • from the sample
  • Ceramic probe tube easily replaced
  • Special heat-deflecting shield to protect
  • against hot gases escaping from the flue
Smoke Probe
Provides smoke measurements using the Bacharach
scale, in addition to taking flue gas samples to the
Flow Probe
Designed for making gas flow measurements using
proven pitot design for high accuracy.
In addition, can be used to take sample gas to the
  • Flow Rate
  • Flue Gas Velocity
  • Mass Emissions Rate
DrySampler™ Probe
The first truly portable sample dryer probe,
incorporating a revolutionary design (patent pending).
  • No electrical power required
  • No heated sample line required
  • Removes moisture from sample gas at the
  • probe, giving most accurate, reliable analysis
  • of soluble gases (e.g. NO2, SO2)
  • Low Cost
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