Portable Flue Gas Analyzers
NO, NO2, NOx, SO2, COLow, COHigh, O2, H2S, CO2, CxHy
environmental status.

Features and Benefits:
Small, lightweight, and fully portable for use at any location throughout your facility. Simple
to setup, and easy to use, real-time results and analysis are available immediately. All
sample gases are measured, not calculated. A range of sample probes, plus a dedicated
data acquisition and analysis software system, make the
Lancom 4 portable the most
versatile available.

Lancom 4 PDF   (Product Specifications)
Data Acquisition and Analysis Software PDF
Our unit is currently being used extensively by local air regulatory agencies such as San
Joaquin Valley Unified APCD, South Coast AQMD, and CARB because our unit meets or
exceeds ASTM-D6522, CTM-030 and 034.  However the number one reason to buy a
Lancom 4 is not because the EPA uses it but because the common sense utility of the
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Portable Flue Gas Analyzer
Lancom 4
-Accurate and Affordable analyzer
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Lancom III
-No longer in production
-Service and support available
-Refurbished analyzers available
Portable Flue
Gas Analyzers
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New: Bluetooth Communication
-Included with the purchase of a Lancom 4
-Can be purchased for older Lancom analyzers