Opacity and Dust Monitoring
LAND has a range of opacity and dust monitors, which are the most technologically
advanced, using patented dual LED technology to give high accuracy and reliability.

  • Model 4500 MkIII
The Model 4500 MkIII is designed specifically for US EPA environmental compliance
monitoring applications. $500 MKIII is great for many industrial applications, such as:
Boilers, Heaters, Furnaces, Kilns, FCC Stacks, Incinerators, Dust Collectors (Bag House,
Precipitator Control).

Standards Meet:
  • US EPA 40CFR60 App.B PS-1 and PS-11
  • US EPA Proposed 40CFR60 App.F Procedure 3
  • ASTM D6216-03
  • EN:15267-3
  • EN:13284-2:2004
  • QAL-1
  • PS-1

The stainless steel Termination box has a single, pre-terminated cable for connection to
the instrument itself. All customer connections are made using simple terminal rails
inside the Termination box.

  •    Flood LED (US Patent #5617212)
  •    LED Light Source (US Patent #6781695)
  •    Retro-reflector (US Patent #7429112)
  •    Single Hand Operation
  •    Simple Installation
  •    Dual Function Menus (Text and Icons)
  •    Easy to Read Display
  •    Built in Audit Jig
  •    Local Keypad (Initiate Audit)
  •    Local Display (View Results)
  •    Adapter Flanges
  •    Air Purging Accessories

  •    Ultimate Reliability
  •    3 Year System Warranty
  •    Lifetime Light Source Warranty

  • Model 4200
The Model 4200 is a compact design opacity/dust
monitor. It is aimed at cost sensitive and
multi-process single stack applications.

The patented dual LED technology of the Model
4200 has proven itself worldwide as stable,
reliable and trouble free. The lightweight and
compact design makes it ideal for a wide range
of applications. Simple installation, low maintenance and ease or operation ensures
immediate results – vital where performance, cost and compliance benefits are of high
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Opacity and Dust Monitoring
Check out the brochure!
Check out the brochure!