Continuous Flue Gas Analyzers
  • Process and Compliance
  • Continuous Emission Monitoring System
  • CEMS
  • FGA - Environmental emissions monitor
EAG is prepared for the upcoming rules and regulations being implemented by the EPA,
you know NH3 is a by-product of that type of system and it will require control.

EAG offers process and compliance NOx monitors to meet our client’s specifications for
industrial applications ranging from a single high-particulate, SCR NH3, and or other
specific gas measurements to multi-site, multi-installation facilities. With low
maintenance requirements, our systems are small, easy to set up and operate
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  • MillWatch
MillWatch is a unique detection system, specifically designed to detect rapid build-up of
carbon monoxide inside pulverizing coal mills. MillWatch continuously monitors the
gases inside the mill, and responds very quickly to any significant increase in the levels of
CO, created by the onset of a mill fire. This provides the operator with advance warning to
enable preventative action to be taken before damage to the plant, or injury to personnel

MillWatch is only used where coal is either ground or stored, so all aspects of the product
– compact, erosion resistant probe and low maintenance – exactly meet the
requirements of these demanding applications.
NO, NO2, NOx, SO2, COL, COH, O2, H2S, CO2
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Continuous Emissions Monitoring System
Continuous Emission Monitoring System CEMS